My name is Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang.

I was born in Toronto, Canada, in the year 1978. I attended the University of Windsor and graduated with B.Sc.H in Computer Software Engineering. Since that time, I have worked in many positions around the world in information technology.
At the same time, I had been practicing martial arts and Chinese Qigong since before I can remember. In my teenage years, I taught martial arts as my first official job, and continued throughout highschool and university.
When I found out that more people at my workplace were interested in talking to me about health then technology, I decided to make the change into a fulltime position doing what I do best.
I joined my father, Grandmaster Stanley Ngui at his studio where we practice martial arts, Qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To this day, I practice, teach, and train at the studio we call The Academy for Chi-Kung Studies Inc.

On a personal note, traditional Chinese health and arts is something that I'm extremely dedicated to.
I am a deep believer in perserving culture, and living by the principles of tradition while perserving a modern lifestyle.

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My Personal Mission

Since the day I did my first meditation, I have strived towards the successful fusion of the East and the West. I bring all the knowledge with me from Chinese Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as multiple disciplines of Martial Arts. I use my experience and ability to provide natural healing therapies for people of modern day. And for those people, I know that you barely have time for yourself, let alone a multi-hour healing session. Your body is important to you, and in order for it to functional optimally, you must maintain balance in your lifestyle. As a person who practices living life to the fullest, I have to constantly balance Yin and Yang, work and play, emotions and nutrition. I believe I have found the way to this balance. Not a cookie-cutter solution, but one that is personally tailored to the individual. This is my life's work.

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